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Hello, and thank you for visiting my website. I’m a photographer, filmmaker, actor, writer, translator, teacher/trainer/facilitator and … currently, University employee, where I’ve spent a few very happy and productive years so far, and hope to spend many more.

This website showcases my creative and educational practice - some of it is undertaken while working freelance, and some of it is wrapped around full time job roles or positions. Some of it is professional work and commission/s, while some of it very much isn’t. Some of it has been successful, some of it very much not. I’m a believer in showing it all, because a patchwork of both great projects and not so great ones are the truth of most creative practitioners’ experience over the long term and because all the pieces, as they fit together over the years, make up who we are. “Inspiration exists”, said Picasso, “but it has to find you working”. 


Happy browsing! If you’d like to contact me, please email lauramelcion *at* hotmal * com


To see my full in-house CV please visit my LinkedIn and add me as a contact:

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